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8 Things To Do In Palm Springs

things to do in palm springs-nature-desert-liveclothesminded-travel guide

What to do in Palm Springs?

Going to Palm Springs for a few days sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But that’s it- it just sounds exciting. In reality, it’s not really all that thrilling. And for some, it might even be boring! If you’re like me & RC, looking for a humble dose of R&R to celebrate, Palm Springs is definitely the place to go for a little escape. Before you plan your raging trip to the hot desert city, here’s 8 things to do in Palm Springs if you’re in need of some serious down time.

things to do in palm springs-cactus-desert-travel guide1. Go Swimming

things to do in palm springs-swimming pool-liveclothesminded-travel guide-the westin

Find a hotel or Airbnb with a nice pool. Jump in and enjoy. We stayed at the Westin.

2. Go For A Night Walk

things to do in palm springs-palm trees-desert-liveclothesmindedStroll through your hotel campus or a Palm Springs open air shopping center like The Gardens on El Paseo in the evening. It’s typically hot in the desert during most months, so the evening air feels refreshing after a hot day.

3. Dine Out

things to do in palm springs-pacifica seafood restaurant-desert-liveclothesminded-travel guide-dine outFind some restaurants that you want to try and indulge. Here’s a list of a few that I have been to and enjoyed.

dinner napkin-lcm artPacifica Seafood Restaurant

Amazing outdoor rooftop seating available. Great for an evening date night. This restaurant is located in The Gardens on El Paseo outdoor shopping center.

things to do in palm springs-pacifica seafood restaurantpacifica seafood restaurant-palm springs-fish-dinner-date night

L’atelier Cafe

Cute and authentic French Cafe, great for brunch. PLEASE order the French toast. It is truly amazing.

l'atelier cafe-palm springs-places to eat-brunch-breakfastl'atelier cafe-french toast-palm springs-brunch


Trendy, fun location with good brunch mimosas. Lots of food options. Great area to walk around the shops after dining.

trio-palm springs restaurant-brunchtrio restaurant-palm springs-fried chicken and waffles

4. Get A Massage

zen spa-affordable massage in palm springsFor a relaxing trip, a massage is a must. But skip the pricey hotel spa and find a more reasonably priced one nearby like Zen Spa. 90 minute full body massage with oil and hot stones for less than $100 per person, including tip.

Vacation tip – If you’re driving to Palm Springs, get your massage in the morning right before you hit the road home. You’ll feel so relaxed driving back.

5. Take A Bath

bath tub-the westin-palm springsFor those of us who are usually in and out of the shower in a matter of minutes daily, take some time to soak in the bubbles. Your body will appreciate you.

6. Sleep In

the westin-things to do in palm springsWhat I hear from most of my friends these days, is that sleeping in sometimes sounds like a joke or a thing from our teenage years. Leave your schedule open with little expectations for your trip so that you can stay in bed for as long as you want. Enjoy those fluffy pillows.

7. Watch a Movie

Our busy lives don’t allow us to sit and relax in front of a movie very often, unless we make the effort to go to the theater as a treat. Take a part of an evening or afternoon to zone out in front of one your favorites. We hung out in our hotel watching I-Robot for a little while.

8. Read A Magazine or Book

marie claire magazine-the westin-palm springsWe spend so much time reading, watching, listening to entertainment from our phone, that we can all use some time to not stare at such a demanding screen. Casually flip through a fashion magazine or pick up a physical copy of that book you’ve been trying to read all year for leisure.

marie claire mag-the westin-poolsideNow, if this list sounded a bit underwhelming to you, I totally understand. But for those of us ready to slow it down and unplug for a couple days, this is probably right up your alley. Because of the fast paced lifestyle we all live these days, these simple easy breezy activates will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Sure, cocktails are nice, music is great, but instead of the bar this time, lets cheers to our anniversary by the pool. Whataya say?



the westin-palm springsthe westin-palm springs-umbrellas-poolside

the westing-palm trees-palm springs

There was a desert wind storm around 4pm in the afternoon. This photo was taken in late September, first week of Fall.

the westin-palm springs-live clothes mindedthings to do in palm springs-the westin-poolswim-black and white photopacifica seafood restaurant-what to eat in palm springspacifica seafood restaurant-palms springspacifica seafood restaurant-palms springsthe westin-palm springsthe westin-swimming pool

the westin-swimming poolpalm trees-palm springspalm springs-road tripl'atelier cafel'atelier cafe-croissant-palm springsl'atelier cafe-french toast-palm springs-brunchl'atelier cafe-palm springsl'atelier cafe-palm springsthings to do in palm springs-highway road

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lcm-liveclothesminded-colombia-travel-vacation-cartagena-walled city-old town-south america

View from Intercontinental de Indias


things to do in palm springs

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