AVARI Magazine

paint on face for avari magazine

Recently, AVARI Magazine, a brand new independent online publication dedicated to fashion, beauty and art, has sparked my interest. Being that Clothes Minded has a very similar platform, I found myself connected to the content in many ways. 

Reading through the March issue of AVARI, I found detailed articles about up and coming stylists, artists, models and photographers. AVARI engages its readers with creative stylist challenges. Participation in these challenges offer opportunities to be highlighted in the magazine by tagging @AvariMagazine in your stylish images on Instagram. How fun!

One of my favorite parts of AVARI is the “Something Beautiful” section where one artist is highlighted for his/her artwork. This section explains a little about where the artist is from and what type of art they do, followed by a full spread of their actual work.


Overall AVARI Magazine was an amazing find! Not only consisting of awesome features, but also because it is very inspirational. Showcasing up and coming creatives doing what they do best, is something that I can relate to.

Feel free to visit www.avarimagazine.com for more details about the publication. Enjoy! 



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