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NEW YORK, NEW ME? – Get Organized

New York-Nomo Hotel

Six days in New York – Opening the first Onitsuka Tiger store in the U.S. Arriving back in Cali, tired is not the word. How about disheveled? Disorganized? All over the place? A hot mess? You get the point. All of this to say that my life in its’ entirety has been in desperate need of some cleaning and organization. The last week and a half, I have spent my “free” time taking small stabs at areas that need attention.



  1. Closet & Drawers – I go through my closet every now and then getting rid of old items that I know I won’t wear again. However, I like to consider myself a “clothing collector” (Yes, I completely made that up) and will probably always have a ton of clothes to hang and store. After purging a few items, and fully unpacking from my trip, I reorganized my closet by color. Color blocking not only helps when getting inspired for my next outfit, but also shows me which colors I wear the most. My closet is about 65% neutrals and 35% bright colors.
  2. Computer & Cell – Talk about picture overload. During my college days, I seemed to be extremely organized when it came to my personal photos. Everything in the proper folder by event and date. But somewhere along the path to true adulthood, those organization skills got left in the dust, until now. From my computer, I took all my photos, personal and business related, and organized them into folders onto an external hard drive. After transferring all those files and photos, I was then able to clear space on my computer, leaving it more organized and operating faster. An external hard drive from Target or BestBuy can cost anywhere from $60 to over $100 just depending on how much digital storage is needed. 
  3. Social Media & Online Presence – How far down have you scrolled through your Instagram lately? Or how many decades of your life are still alive and breathing on Facebook? For me personally, there was more outdated photos and information readily available to the world than I would normally want. I took some time to go through my social platforms removing all the junk, and just cleaning up my personal cyberspace. The next task for me will be my email inbox… 


We all have multiple areas of our lives that need cleaning and reorganizing. Making a list of each of them, and tackling them one by one is the best, least stressful way to go about it. Just know that it is going to take time and patience AND probably more effort than you want to devote. However, nothing is more rewarding than knowing exactly where everything is and how you are presenting yourself.


Anywho, I hope this inspires some fresh starts out there. In the meantime, enjoy some of my photos from New York. 

LiveClothesMinded in Nomo Hotel in Soho New York, selfie, wearing Zara fur jacket
LiveClothesMinded in Nomo Hotel in Soho New York, wearing Zara fur jacket. white pants and pink Onitsuka Tiger sneakers
New York-onitsukatiger-travel-soho-nomo hotel-zara jacket
Black and white fashion photography, girl with big hair
LiveClothesMinded, Onitsuka Tiger Pop Up in Soho, girl with big hair
Onitsuka Tiger Pop Up in Soho, girl with big hair
LiveClothesMinded at Onitsuka Tiger Pop Up in Soho wearing Zara Fur Jacket. Girl with big natural blonde hair.
Onitsuka Tiger Pop Up in Soho
Beauty & Essex Restaurant in New York
Beauty & Essex Restaurant in New York
LiveClothesMinded | Street Style wearing pink blazer and Onitsuka Tiger high top Sneakers
New York-onitsukatiger-travel-soho
Guggenheim Museum-lcm-new york-nyc
Guggenheim Museum-lcm-new york-nyc-black and white photography
Guggenheim Museum-lcm-new york-nyc-fine art
Guggenheim Museum-New York-black and white photography-nyc
LiveClothesMinded | Joe & The Juice New York Soho District
LiveClothesMinded Street Photography in New York Soho District, Street style fashion New York
LiveClothesMinded | Nomo Hotel in Soho New York, Art photography, Flash Photography, Monochrome photography, how to wear oversized denim jacket
LiveClothesMinded | New York, Views from NoMo Hotel, art photography, dark photography.
New York-onitsukatiger-travel-soho-nomo hotel
New York-onitsukatiger-travel

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