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How To Bond With Aging Parents or Grandparents

A little different topic here on LCM, but a relevant one! None of us are getting any younger and I think it’s important that we have some sort of bond with our parents as adults. This is easy for some people, for reasons that are uniquely theirs, just like it is for someone who may not find it easy at all. Either way, we could all use some help. Lol. Here’s my 10 tips for bonding with aging parents or grandparents.

aging parents and grandparents

1. Ask them how they are doing.

Genuinely listen and genuinely engage.

2. Keep up with some of the most important things going on in their lives.

Health, worries, feelings- whatever. Just keep up with some of it.

3. Schedule time to see them.

Not just when it’s convenient like the holidays. But on random days too, planned of course. Something that works for you, your parents and your dynamic.

4. If you can’t visit your parents in person, FaceTime them.

Not all the time, just some-times.

5. Cook for them. It’s a great form of repayment.

You know Tupac’s Dear Mama, “And there’s no way I can pay you back, but my plan is to show you that I understand”? Cooking for them says you understand. A little.

bond with aging parents and grandparents

6. Create something with them.

Sew something together, take pictures, cook a meal, create an in-the-moment conversation, or include them in your work, if possible. I’m doing this with my mom now, in partnership with Goli Nutrition. Click here for more about Goli ACV gummies.

7. Straighten up their place.

You don’t have to scrub, on your hands and knees, but just vacuum, sweep, do the dishes and or take out the trash. You don’t have to do all of these either, but even just doing one of these tasks often, is helpful.

bond with aging parents

8. Give them real hugs.

Those are received really well.


9. Laugh at their jokes, and stop being offended.

Brush it off. It’s your mom. Or dad. Grandma or grandpa. Let go of trying to change their perspective. They love you.

aging parents and grandparents

10. Have patience.

They’re doing everything slower and it only ruffles your feathers to get fussy. Allot more than enough time to do what you have planned so you don’t feel pressed to hurry or rush them or yourself.

aging parents and grandparents

Sometimes I think we forget that one day, our aging parents and grandparents won’t be here anymore. It’s really on us to make the time available for them. We just have to want to create that bond.

This article isn’t for everyone, but who it’s for is whoever it’s for.

Ty4 reading. <3



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