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How To Style A Red Plaid Dress Casually – Betsey Johnson From Nordstrom Rack

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Style A Red Plaid Dress

Many of us tend to wear red plaid clothing during the fall and holiday seasons. Sometimes, we want to wear fancier items like red plaid dresses and blazers, but want to style them a bit more casually.

wear who you are-personal style-plaid dress with jacket-sporty lux-fit femmeTherefore, for my autumn birthday, I decided to do just that concept. Styling a red plaid dress with ASICS sneakers and sporty jacket.

wear who you are-personal style-plaid dress with jacket-sporty lux-fit femmeKeeping it casual, the black sneakers and the white lightweight jacket allow the plaid dress to still be the center of attention.

plaid-sneakersStyling Plaid Tip: Plaid is such a widely approved and bold print, pairing with simple neutrals gives the linear design some space to stand out on it’s own.

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Betsey Johnson At Nordstrom Rack

red plaid dress-betsey johnson-At The Rack, I found the Betsey Johnson red plaid dress on a ridiculous sale for around $35, originally from over $150.

red plaid dress-betsey johnson-nordstrom rack-fit femme-sneakers with dressesUnfortunately this dress isn’t on the Nordstrom Rack website any longer. However, it may be at your local store, like mines was. Or, there may be something better or similar. That store is like a gold mine- you never know what you may find if you keep digging! (Aka, sifting through racks of threaded gems.) I also found the same plaid dress on Poshmark.

long beach-the pike-red plaid dressFit Femme – See how to wear sneakers with dresses here.

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Wear Who You Are TODAY

black and white photo-plaid dressFor a birthday, or any holiday season event, it’s very important that we find an outfit that represents who we are at that moment in time. Taking into consideration the celebratory activities that will take place, and also accepting and embracing the changes in our figures, searching for an appropriate dress, can be a challenge!

black and white photo-the pike-long beach-dress with sneakersAllow yourself to be open and you will naturally gravitate towards something that speaks to you. No matter if you’re shopping new, thrift or your own closet, there’s an outfit waiting for you to wear who you are today.

And honestly, if we’re being real here, I’m not always drawn towards plaid outfits! I’m sure many of us feel the same, seeing the same print year after year.

princess jazmine hair-natural hairstyle-plaid dres-wear who you areBut for this adorable dress at this price, I was delighted to style a red plaid dress for the fall season, and look forward to wearing it more ways that one! Basically, it’s all about styling it to your liking and personal style.

selfie-plaid-natural hair-fenty make up look-princess hairFinally, let’s keep the plaid party going by checking out the full LCM List on Amazon for more plaid styles at low prices or simply click the links below!









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