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Yes, Rewear It

I originally bought this leopard print dress about 5 years ago for a birthday dinner. I wore it with heels, sparkly jewelry and the sleeves rolled down, buttoned at the wrist. After that night, I never wore the dress again! Categorizing it as “dressed up” and not looking at it as just another cool item in my wardrobe. I loved the fabric and the fit, why shouldn’t I re-wear this dress in a more casual way? This time, instead of heels, I paired with sneakers (of course) and  a pair of unexpected earrings to make a completely different look and vibe from the very first time I wore it.

Never be afraid to re-wear those “dressier” or “fancier” items in your closet just because you originally wore it or bought it for a big special occasion. Just as we can “dress up” an outfit, we can also dress it down.

3 LCM Reasons Why We Should Re-wear the Items That We Already Wore to a Big Event

1. You Love The Item.

Most likely if you purchased something special for a big event, you really love the item. Why wouldn’t you want to wear something that you l o v e more often? Share the love by wearing your best closet pieces more often. And when someone compliments you, you will have a story to tell about the first time you wore it.

2. No Photos Taken. Unless you want to!

Many times, we don’t want to re-wear something because we have already been photographed in it. We have this fear of being an outfit repeater on camera. However, when we dress things down from the first time we wore them, usually we aren’t going to any place special where pictures will be taken. It’s just an average day, where we obviously want to look our best, but it is probably not our birthday, graduation or bachelorette.

3. Closet Possibilities.

If we are able to take a fancier item in our closet and dress it down so that it feels more casual compared to the first time we wore it, this will open the door for ALL the possibilities in our closets. It puts our minds in a creative space to see our wardrobes differently, and maybe even have us looking forward to shopping our closets for new looks more often. Which in turn keeps us out of the stores, spending more money, buying more trends that we may not even want in 6 months.

I encourage us all to L O V E and R E W E A R the clothes that we have. 

Outfit Details:

Dress: Target

Earrings: Flea market find

Shoes: ASICS Tiger

* The clothes pictured in this post are not new, and may or may not be available in stores. The details with links above are to inform you of the brand or store that an item was purchased.

leopard dress with asics sneakers-re-wear-relax-roar
leopard dress with asics sneakers-re-wear-relax-roar
leopard dress with asics sneakers-re-wear-relax-roar
leopard dress with asics sneakers-re-wear-relax-roar

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