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LCM Recap – Social Media Hiatus, New Hair Goals, Kobe + More…

Social media hiatus-rsee-xmmtt-lcm-long beach-leather gloves-red roses-braids

Goodbye January and all of your madness… January 2020 was one hell of a month. From the impeachment trials to the coronavirus to the passing of Kobe Bryant… what is 2020 really about, God? I’m paying attention to the times we are in, doing my best not to fall into any of the mess, but it’s clearly everywhere, so I’m watching my steps. Rest when you’re sick… duh. I spent the first two weeks of the year being sick. It…

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LA’s Grayest Day – A Poem Dedicated To The Life Of Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant-basketball-grantland-jon soohoo-nbae-getty images

LA’s Grayest Day A Poem Dedicated To Kobe Bryant In Regards To His Passing Did you hear what TMZ said? Is what the text read, when we realized the world was about to be flipped upside down, emotionally paralyzed.   I typed in your legendary name, as if I was searching for some F.A.Q.’s. Wishing the first article to pop up wasn’t confirming today’s truths.   No! Was my first word. A shed tear was my first action. At this…

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