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Monochrome green outfit in orange california

Hello Clothes Minds!

 As the monochrome series continues,

we will travel to a slightly warmer area

of the color wheel to yet another popular favorite,


(Side note, as you may have noticed,

there is an extra special surprise guest featured in these photos.

Keep scrolling to see more of a new furry friend.)

monochrome, green, style, fashion

Green is a color with many positive meanings.

It is an active color; representing growth,

progress and prosperity.

 We will always find green in nature and in daily symbolism.

monochrome, green, style, fashion

While blue is a very emotional color,

green is an associate. Humans use green to define. Confidently.

 In American culture, green means GO.

Green means CHARGE or POWER.

Green means HEALTH.

Green means NATURE.

Green means MONEY.

Green means YES.

monochrome, green, style, fashion

The energetic hue has many associations

and meanings from culture to culture.

Some of my favorite facts are…

The human eye can physically see the most shades of green,

more than any other color.

All of its tints and shades take up the most space

on the color wheel.

street car
monochrome green outfit in orange california
monochrome green outfit in orange california
natural hair woman in green outfit

Green is the most dominant color in nature.

Green is restful and healing.

Green is renewal and rebirth.

monochrome, green, leather jacket, fashion, style

Green promotes a sense of adventure.

Green helps cure anxiety and nervousness.

The opposite color of green is red,

and often times together they are both associated with Christmas.

monochrome, green, leather jacket, fashion, style

On the less positive side…

Dark green can represent greed.

Olive green can represent military.

And Yellow-green can represent sickness and jealousy.

monochrome, green, leather jacket, fashion, style

In all, we can easily see that green is

an important player in our lives.

We associate so much with this one color!

Wearing it from head to toe will be

purrrfect for making a bold statement. Enjoy!


Jacket: GUESS

Top: Target

Pants: Target

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

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