5 Easy & Affordable Ways To Say Thank You To Supporters & Partners

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Say Thank You To Supporters

Anytime of the year is a good time to say, THANK YOU. Say thank you to supporters, customers, partners, and collaborators alike. Similar to Thanksgiving, the end of the year is another highly appropriate time to show gratitude and thankfulness. I think we can all afford a few minutes and a few dollars or less to simply say thank you to those people that have made our year in life and/or business successful.

Here’s 5 Easy, Affordable Ways To Say “Thank You”

hand written note-say thank you to supporters1. Send A Text

say thank you to supportersThis is so easy! Simply type out a few proofread sentences saying thank you in your own words. Add emojis, a GIF or image to make it entertaining and personal.

2. Send An E-Card

paperless post ecardMake it fancy and personalized with Paperless Post E-Card’s. There are so many options to choose from, and they are all customizable for just a few dollars.

paperless post ecard

Screenshot from Paperless post e-card.

With Paperless Post, you can send a thank you e-card to one person, but it’s also perfect for when you want to say thank you to a few people at one time. There’s also some really nice New Years themed cards, that can serve as a way to say “happy new year” & “thank you” at the same time.

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3. Mail A Hand Written Card/Note

hand written note-say thank you to supportersThis is old school, but what a surprise this would be to the recipient! It’s all about showing how appreciative you are for that person’s impact on your life and business.

4. Send Cyber Cash

venmo-cyber cash-say thank you

Screenshot from Venmo app.

It’s so easy to send money these days. Show someone your appreciation by sending a few bucks for a coffee or lunch through apps like Zelle and Venmo. Who doesn’t like to receive unexpected money?

5. Send Digital Gift Card

gift cards-egift cards-say thank youIf your person or colleague has a retailer that they always talk about, or could be beneficial to their business or personal life, send them a digital gift card with an amount you can afford just to say thank you for supporting me, I support you too.

say thank youAnd just like that, 5 easy ways to say thank you to the people that matter in your business and life ventures. It’s important that before we take off in a shiny new year that we look back into the old year and say, thank you.

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say thank you to supporters

Disclosure: Live Clothes Minded received digital coins to use on the Paperless Post website in order to share this review.

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