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How to Wear Happy Socks 1.0

how to wear cherry print happy socks

How To Wear Happy Socks

Most of us probably don’t need instructions for how to wear socks. However, how to wear Happy Socks, I would say is a little different than wearing your average no-show sock. Happy Socks, and really any other sock with cool designs, imagery and cool color combos are meant to be fun, and not always hidden under pants and shoes.

They’re meant to be worn in different ways that fall in line with our individual style. That’s the whole point in having socks with different designs on them, right? To speak directly to the person who is attracted to them, and let anyone else who see’s us wearing these socks learn a little bit about us, without us having to say a word.

a girl wearing happy socks and faux fur coat
a girl wearing happy socks and faux fur coat

This may be a little extreme, but it can actually be a pet peeve for me personally, to wear a pair of cool socks with an outfit that doesn’t allow them to show at all. It just feels like a waste! Like, no one even knew that you existed today, little sock. What was the point? I should have just worn a plain ol’ black sock.

Therefore, for this look, I chose to wear these cherry Happy Socks with stockings, a dress and sneakers. (Clearly being seen.) Oh, and let’s not forget the big lilac fuzzy jacket, which actually kinda stole the show. Oops.

a girl wearing happy socks and faux fur coat
woman wearing cherry happy socks
a girl wearing happy socks and faux fur coat
a girl wearing happy socks and faux fur coat

Anyway, I wanted the socks to stand out, and pop off the outfit. I also wanted to create something feminine or FitFemme, as I usually say, with a funky twist. And honestly, I just wanted to have fun with it. I encourage you to do the same with your happiest of socks…

Please leave a comment if you would like to see more ideas for how to wear colorful socks. =)



a girl wearing happy socks and a purple faux fur coat
a girl wearing happy socks and a purple faux fur coat
girl in millennial pose
a girl wearing happy socks and a purple faux fur coat
girl in long beach california
girl pointing in millennial pose
a girl with natural hair in millennial pose
girl with natural blonde hair in millennial pose
cherry print happy socks
happy socks with sneakers
woman leaning on car in happy socks
blogger with cat in photo wearing happy socks
blogger with happy socks and street cat
girl leaning on old school car wearing happy socks
girl wearing faux fur jacket and happy socks

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Forever21

Black Dress: &OtherStories

Socks: Happy Socks ONLY $14 bucks =)

Sneakers: ASICS

Stockings: Target

* The clothes pictured in this post are not new, and may not be available in stores. The details above are to inform you of the brand or store that an item was purchased.

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