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The Classic Smiley Featuring Happy Socks 2.0

how to wear happy socks

The Classic Smiley

What’s more classic than a yellow smiley face? Probably a lot of things actually, however, a simple, classic smiley face certainly is universal and recognizable in many ways. Bringing a sense of “happy understanding” between people when they see an image of a smiley face, even if they don’t speak the same language.

It’s a classic and iconic image that has been around for so long, and I’m assuming will be around for a while longer- for as long as humans continue to smile and wear happy Happy Socks. =)

blogger with sunglasses
how to wear plaid blazer

When it comes to personal style, even though we like to follow the newest trends and/or be one-of-kind, unique or different, many times we like to add a little something “classic” to our outfits. This can either be the foundation or starting point of the outfit, like a classic pair of Levis’ or a simple white t-shirt.

Or it could even be something small, that you always wear and add to every outfit like your favorite necklace passed down through your family or a nostalgic pin that you like to add to your jackets and blazers.

how to wear happy socks
how to wear happy socks
jumping with with asics sneakers
how to wear happy socks

I find that I have a few classic favorites that I enjoy wearing and incorporating with my outfits. Some are classics to the world, and some have simply become classics for myself over the years. Sort of how adding a pair of Happy Socks to my outfit is becoming for me these days. 😉

Ten Classic Fashion Favorites:

  1. Red Lipstick
  2. RayBan Wayfarer Frames (Pictured wearing in this post!)
  3. Oversized Black Blazers
  4. Converse Chuck Taylors
  5. High bun/pouf/ponytail
  6. Gold Hoop Earrings
  7. Black Cat-Eye Eyeliner
  8. All Black Everything Outfit
  9. Hawaiian Button Down Shirts
  10. Shibori & Tie Dye

Do you have any favorite fashion classics?



natural curly hair
how to wear happy socks
natural curly hair
how to wear high waist jeans
natural curly afro
outfit with happy socks
how to wear a blazer
how to wear happy socks
hoe to wear happy socks
how to wear happy socks
blogger style
spring outfit with happy socks and mom jeans
happy socks outfit
happy socks outfit
how to wear happy socks
how to wear happy socks
spring outfit with happy socks
jumping how to wear happy socks

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Thrift

Blouse: Thrift

Mom Jeans: Target

Socks: Twisted Smile Happy Socks

Sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger GSM

Sunglasses: Rayban Wafarer

Hair Product: Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish

See more outfits featuring Happy Socks, click here.

* The clothes pictured in this post are not new, and may not be available in stores. The details above are to inform you of the brand or store that an item was purchased.

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