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Print Mixing – 3 Levels, Which One Are You?

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Is Print Mixing Easy or Complicated?

print mixing-pink flower tree-line by k pants-leopard print-snake print-rsee-xmmttWhen I think about print mixing, it either seems really complicated and technical, or really easy and unrestricted depending on whose wearing it. Yes, following certain fashion rules and style advice allows for great outfits to come into existence. However, I also believe that going completely against the grain, doing what feels right to the wearer and his or her own personal style, produces outfits that are one of a kind. I’ve rounded up 3 articles that I think show print mixing in a great light, each highlighted at a different print mixing comfort level. And don’t be shy, take a look at all 3 levels, there’s helpful tips in each linked article below.

xmmtt-wear who you are-rsee-ringsClick here to check out 7 Easy Print Mixing Tips

What Print Mixing Level Are You?

Level 1: New to print mixing. Heck, new to prints period!

Article from Stitch Fix website. Simple, easy ways to incorporate print into your personal style.

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Level 2: Comfortable wearing prints, but not so confident in bringing 2 or 3 prints into one outfit.

Article from the Who What Wear website. Inspiration for mixing and matching the bold prints you love, but not sure how to pair together.

print mixing-leopard print-snake print-natural hair-wear who you are-rsee-xmmtt

Level 3: Been mixing prints for a bit, but ready to take it to the top level.

Article from the Zoe Report. Advice from the fashion leaders sure to give you some adventurous print mixing ideas.

print mixing-rsee-xmmtt-leopard print-snake printprint mixing-leopard print-snake print-rsee-xmmtt-long beachThere were some great ideas in there, right? For me personally, I usually want to mix prints within my wardrobe more often than I actually do. But a lot of times, I come up with an outfit idea and once I try it on, I don’t really care for what the outfit says on that particular day. You know what I mean, right? Like, my outfit for the day has to speak for me accurately. And if that’s not how I’m feeling on the day, then I just can’t do it. All my outfit analyzers know what I’m talking about. 😉

street style photography-rsee-xmmtt-wear who you are-snake printprint mixing-model walk-street photography-blogger style-rsee-xmmtt-wear who you areHopefully these articles were beneficial to you, and this post provided some inspiration for you to try mixing your prints soon. Check out some of my outfits here, plus 7 easy tips for further print mixing inspiration.



LCM Art-wear who you are-liveclothesminded-xmmtt-melissa goodwin

Click here to check out How to Mix Prints: 7 Easy Tips

pink flower tree-blogger style-natural hair-rsee-xmmtt-long beach-snake print-the line by kprint mixing-rsee-xmmtt-natural hair-leopard print-snake printlong beach-black and white photo-rsee-xmmtt-wear who you are-lcm-liveclothesmindedsnake print-rsee-wear who you are-pink tree-long beachnatural hair-hair blown-curly blonde hair-print mixing-ringsprint mixing-rsee-xmmtt-long beach-leopard printdetails-close up shot-rsee-xmmtt-leopard print

See more >>> How to Mix Prints: 7 Easy Tips

leopard print-snake print-rsee-xmmtt-perspective photorsee-xmmtt-print mixing-weird pose-leopard print-natural hair-blogger-sam edelman sandals-silver strappy sandals-xmmtt-rsee-snake print outfitarms up high-happy-joyful-how to mix prints-rsee-xmmttnatural hair-kaleidoscope-lcm art-liveclothesminded-lcm designsblack and white photo-xmmtt-rsee-liveclothesmindedrsee photo-xmmtt-wear who you are-sam edelman sandalsprint mixing-girl throwing hands up-natural hair-xmmtt-rseeOutfit Details:

Snake Print Blouse: H&M

Leopard Print Cami: Express

Ribbed Pants: The Line By K

Sandals: Sam Edelman

print mixing-cover page-liveclothesminded-wear who you are

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